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Human Behaviour and Design Patterns

We identified the potential for people to accidentally delete information in a complex web application. The initial solution proposed was an OK/ Cancel style dialogue before the system completes the action, but user studies have shown this solution to be ineffective because it does not correspond to how people take and evaluate actions.

The proposed solution was attractive because it would require very little development work. I needed to explain why the proposed solution would be ineffective at preventing errors and create a usable solution that would require limited development work.

I used my knowledge of human behaviour, interaction design best practices and the server-client architecture of the web-app to put together a pseudo undo interaction pattern proposal. I created several wireframes to create a story board to effectively communicate how this approach would be more effective for handling these types of errors.

The proposed solution allowed users to correct mistakes with limited development work, and was adopted as a design standard.

Making a mistake is okay if it can be easily corrected and a big headache otherwise.


Psychology of Interaction, Webapp Business Logic, Story Boarding, MyBalsamic




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